11 Nights
18th - 31st October
Welsh Mining Experience
Rhondda Heritage Park

Welcome to X Scream – Once Upon a Time

Take the whiskers of seven dwarves and the scalp of Goldilocks, mix with a heavy dose of The Exorcist, add a vial of Evil Dead and boil in the blood of Little Red Riding Hood until flaming hot….serve garnished with a poisoned apple.

That’s how to make X Scream – Once Upon A Time, a horrifying Halloween visitors’ experience this October at Rhondda Heritage Park, near Pontypridd.

We have taken the cosy bedtime stories of childhood and twisted them into the most grotesque, terrifying and ghastly horrors of the imagination.

Once upon a time you would close your eyes and go to your happy place, remember those childhood fairy tales where the prince kisses the princess and the glass slipper fits Cinders perfectly…… .

But what if fairy tales DIDN’T finish with a Happily Every After?

What if Red was already Dead, Sleeping Beauty woke up as a blood sucking zombie and the three little pigs were rabid, wild boars who tore the wolf limb from limb?

X Scream the immersive Halloween experience, returns for a third consecutive year.

Following their nomination for a prestigious SCAR Award as one of the UK’s top horror attractions, the new adventure promises to be more grotesque than your wildest nightmare.

The “Once Upon A Time’ theme will take the traditional fairy tale made famous by the likes of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson, as well as a few more contemporary children’s stories, and twist the tales into gory, spine-chilling scenarios which visitors must navigate to escape the experience in one piece.

X Scream – Once Upon A Time comes to Rhondda Heritage Park, Trehafod for 11 nights – 18th-21st and 25th-31st October.
Tickets are priced £22.50 each (+ online booking fee) and the event is recommended for those aged 16 or over.
For further details visit our FAQs or email info@x-scream.com

Countdown to Storytime


Located in the iconic Rhondda Heritage Park, the event is a fully immersive and interactive experience featuring live actors, special effects and  sudden shocks that will have you screaming, crying and cackling at every twist and turn.

X Scream is an immersive Halloween Scare event for over 16’s, set around an old colliery site.  Visitors should expect a 40-50 minute walk (shorter if you run of course!) through various horror zones within the buildings and underground tunnels – it is an outdoors environment, containing adult content and scares which may involve physical interaction from our actors or props.  Our only intention is for you to have a unique and fun night out – lots of you will be scared witless, many of you will shriek at some point and hopefully all of you will scream with laughter.

Please read our full FAQs and Terms:

  • Recommended age 16+ (if accompanied by an adult, 13-16 year olds will be admitted but bad language, gore, special effects and adult content are to be expected.  Strictly NO under 13)
  • Partly outdoors event – please dress accordingly, warm layers and flat shoes or boots.
  • Strictly no masks permitted
  • Sudden jumps, scares and uneven surfaces, not for the faint-hearted or pregnant ladies nor for those with mobility problems or are likely to react to smoke effects and strobe lighting.
  • STRICTLY no access to anyone appearing to be intoxicated on arrival – please drink AFTER your tour (we MUST refuse entry or remove any visitors deemed to be under the influence,  for the enjoyment and safety of others – no refunds are offered in these circumstances).
  • You can leave the tour at any time via the nearest exit and wait for your group in the Marquee.

There was a bus load of us last year. Was amazing. Not ashamed to say I wet myself a little, haha xxx

Joanne from Treorchy (aged over 25!)

OMG it was so much fun, we screamed and we laughed all the way through …such a brilliant idea, such a brilliant site…see you in 2017

Caroline from Rhydfelin

The guys in our group screamed more than the girls….I am sure one or two of them cried as well!  Amazing night – highly recommended

Helen from Pontprennau

I loved every screaming second. we are still talking about it. Will be there again next year. Well done to everyone involved in making it happen it was an amazing experience x

Karen from Wales

It was brilliant!  I’ll be recommending this terrifying experience to everyone who enjoys a thrill!

Louise from Cardiff

Not gonna like, that was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I would advise everyone to try it as it’s one hell of an experience.

Kerry from Merthyr