Frequently Asked Questions

At X Scream you’ll experience a whole new level of fear.  Here are a few tips and advice to help you get out alive…

  • No costumes or masks are allowed. We want to see the whites of your eyes and the fear on your faces!
  • No drinks, food, bottles, recording equipment, flash photography, flashlights or laser pens will be permitted in any part of the event.
  • You’re not allowed to touch or mistreat the X-Scream set or performers. If you do you’ll be sent home (maybe in a body bag).
  • Dont arrive drunk as you will be refused entry

Dont touch - lo res.jpg

  • Avoid inappropriate behaviour, foul language and any zombie mutants heading your way.

Everyone will be ‘dying’ to get in to this event.  Buy your tickets online and in advance.

  • The X Scream event may sell out on certain nights, so book early.
  • If any nights are ‘sold out’ tickets will NOT be available on the front gate.
  • The Director hates waiting for their victims so arrive promptly.
  • Follow and like our social media pages and you could be in with a chance of winning free tickets for you and your fellow victims (friends).

Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing your tickets, You will be asked to confirm that you have at the point of purchase.

What is X-Scream?

X Scream is an immersive, ticketed Halloween experience held at Rhondda Heritage Park, near Pontypridd.   For selected nights, between the 13th – 31st October 2017, the site will be transformed into a Halloween horror set, where visitors travel through a virus infected site, including the underground chambers.  This is an event for ages 16+.

The X Scream experience will last 40-50 minutes, then you are free to enjoy the themed bar area for drinks and entertainment.

How can I book my tickets?

Tickets range from £16.99-£22.99 depending on the date of your visit (+ online booking fee)

Tickets can be purchased online or in person at Rhondda Heritage Park, CF37 2NP.   If you experience any difficulties when booking your tickets, please contact us at

Tickets must be purchased in advance and are expected to sell out before the event date, so on-the-night sales are unlikely to be available.

Groups are very welcome and can apply a 10% discount for booking of 10 people or more.

Are tickets refundable?

We regret that all tickets are strictly non refundable.   This is a large theatrical production and financial commitments are made many weeks before the event, so it is not viable for the management to issue refunds and we appreciate your understanding in this matter – we will happily transfer your ticket to another slot if there is availability. Please note that this is a mainly outdoor event and does involve walking through a disused mine tunnel – the surface underfoot includes rail track and cobble stones.  The event will be open in any weather.  Please decide your own level of fitness and health before you purchase your tickets.

Can I bring food and drink into X Scream?

Sorry, no outside food or beverages are allowed.  There is a bar on-site.

Can I visit X Scream at any time during the evening I’ve booked?

No – you have booked a 30 minute admission window and you must arrive within this time slot.  Please arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before your allocated time slot and you will depart in the next available group for your 30 minute window.  If you arrive after your 30 minute window, we cannot guarantee that we will have space to accommodate you after this time.  Details of your visit will be confirmed on your booking confirmation.

How many people will depart at one time?

Groups of 10-13 people will depart at regular intervals, throughout each 30 minute window.  Depending on your group size you will be paired with other visitors or split over a number of group slots.  If you are coming as part of a larger group, you will be able to meet up in the cafe bar at the end.

What should I wear?

X Scream is an outdoor scare event and will go ahead rain or shine (subject to severe weather warnings and safety considerations).   It is in October and is likely to be cold and/or wet.   The Scare Set is built around a disused colliery and mine shaft – it is essential that you wear sturdy footwear.  Please ensure you have appropriate clothing and footwear as the event will take place in damp chambers and outdoor sections, with cobbled areas and mine tracks underfoot.  There will also be slime, toxic waste and blood as part of the set, which you could get on your clothes.

Is the event suitable for someone with a disability?

X Scream is set around a disused colliery and mine shaft, with some uneven surfaces, stairs and lots of trip hazards.  Visitors must be able to walk un-aided and have good levels of health and fitness to fully take part in this event.  We regret that due to the nature of this event wheelchair access is not possible to the majority of the set.

The X Scream experience relies heavily on light and sound effects, so visitors with sight or hearing impairments will not enjoy the full experience.

You must advise us immediately after booking if you have someone in your group with any access issues and we will liaise with you to assess if their visit is feasible.

Is X Scream suitable for pregnant women?

We do not recommend X-Scream if you are pregnant.  There are uneven floors and unexpected frights and scares.  Please wait until 2018 and get a babysitter!

Is the event suitable for those with medical conditions?

X Scream  is a high intensity event featuring strobe/flash lighting, smoke machines, loud bangs and noises and electrical effects that can affect pacemakers, other implanted medical devices and those prone to seizures.

HEART CONDITIONS:  If you have an existing heart condition, or are concerned about your heart health, then we do not advise you to attend X Scream.

DIABETES: Please ensure you have enough medication on your person and you are able to walk and stand for long periods.  If you have doubts about your health and fitness levels then we advise you not to attend X Scream.

ASTHMA – If you are asthmatic please bring your inhaler as a precaution or if in any doubt, please consult your doctor prior to booking tickets.  Those with severe asthma should note that smoke machines are used in the X Scream set.

EPILEPSY & MIGRAINES  – X Scream  features strobe/flash lighting and electrical effects that can affect those sensitive to this – if in doubt, we recommend you do not attend.

UNDER MEDICAL TREATMENT/OTHER DISABILITIES: This is an outdoor event which involves exposure to the elements, walking on uneven ground, in the dark and with sudden shocks and scares.  If you are in doubt, please refrain from joining this event.

Can I wear a costume or mask?

No.  This is for safety reasons and to differentiate guests from our live scare-actors and crew.  You will not be allowed into X Scream if you are wearing a costume or mask.

What is the minimum admission age?

X Scream is recommended for those aged 16+ (we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone appearing to be under 16 years, without appropriate proof of identification/age, unless they are accompanied by an adult).

We advise parental discretion if you wish to bring someone under 16 and they MUST each be accompanied by an over 18 year old.  We cannot accept groups of under 16 year olds.  If you are an adult intending to bring an under 16 year old, please be aware that the content is intended for an older audience, so there will be blody gore, swearing (actors and visitors alike) and people will be drinking in the bar afterwards.

Spooktacular is our Halloween event for children (ages 12 years and under) and more information can be found at:

Is X Scream scary?

Yes – it’s full of frights, jumps and anticipation.  It’s an interactive and immersive scare experience and whilst you may not actually fear for your life, you will jump out of your skin, scream and even cry just a little!

Is there parking on site?

Yes there is ample parking at Rhondda Heritage Park.

Refusal of entry or removal from the event?

We cannot tolerate any anti-social behaviour at X Scream, so please DO NOT drink before your visit (save it for afterwards).  Please be mindful of other people sharing the experience with you and for the staff and actors who are working hard to make your experience the best it can be.  We will not remove you from the event, or refuse you entry, without good cause but we WILL remove, or refuse,  those who are not behaving in a safe or acceptable manner.

Are dogs allowed to attend X Scream?

No, sorry.