Welcome to X Scream

After the discovery of some intriguing ancient documents and artefacts at the historic Rhondda Heritage Park site, it appears more has been exposed than just ancient relics.

Staff and visitors alike have gone missing, there are traces of blood everywhere and now the Screaming has started!

Crack military group S-W-T have sealed off the site due to the ‘growing viral situation’

Welcome to X Scream!  

Will you enter? More importantly …

Will you ever leave?

Not for the faint-hearted, X Scream is the ultimate Halloween experience that takes place on selected nights from 20th – 31st October, 2016. Located in the iconic Rhondda Heritage Park, the event is a fully immersive and interactive experience featuring live actors, special effects and horrific shocks that will have you screaming at every twist and turn.

Journey into the unknown, traversing once busy mines, along a dark and abandoned track, making your way through the site where recent visitor disappearances have remained unanswered. But just who or what is lurking in the darkness?


X Scream is recommended for ages 16+.

For children under 12, please see our daytime event Spooktacular